Thank you for visiting my site.

I come from China. I was interested in computer when I was a student. I learned computer software science in my university -- Jilin University, the biggest one in China.
I started IT from 2002. And got the ACCP software engineer certificate in 2006. I have used many kinds of technologies until now.

I enjoy life, software, and technology. I would like to help make the world a better place. If you are a geek, or have same interests, please contact me.


As you know, music is very important for everyone in the world. It can make us feel positive and help us to relax.
I prefer electronic music the most, but sometimes I listen to pop music, too.


Good movies can provide us with knowledge and can help us look at the world differently.
I go to cinema to watch movie on some weekends.


Sometimes I have a trip somewhere.
I went to Hong Kong in September, 2014. It was a good trip. I hope you like my picture.


I like reading. Most of them are technology books. Here are some of my favorite books:


Cloud Computing
Big Data
Web Development


  • 2017
  • Cloud Platform

    2017/03 ~ 2017/07

    Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud for Enterprise.
    HaaS, IaaS, Caas and PaaS.

    My role:
    Engineer, Architect, DBA.

    I did:
    API development.
    Architected and designed CaaS platform.
    Created automatic deployment playbook for full stack with Ansible.
    Confirmed hardware orchestration, network switch tools.
    Designed and deployed application, database cluster to CaaS platform.
    Architected, Designed and finished high availability, load balancing, database replication and automatic failover for full cluster in both traditional way and container way.
    Designed DevOps.

    Windows 10/CentOS/Ubuntu/CoreOS/RancherOS/
    Ruby on Rails/Nginx/Unicorn/React/Webpack/
    GitLab/Cisco Spark/Cisco WebEx/VDI/
    Raspberry Pi/RackHD/Arista/

    Amazon Web Services/Google Cloud Platform/Microsoft Azure/DigitalOcean/Linode

  • 2016
  • Video Site

    2016/09 ~ 2017/02

    Large-scale video website - Hulu Japan service.

    Used ffmpeg/imagemagick

    Ruby on Rails/Serverspec/MySQL/Redis/Backbone.js/AngularJS/Bower/
    MacBook Air/AWS/Ansible/JIRA/Confluence/Bitbucket/Slack/Google Apps/Google API/
    Postman/Swagger/Sequel Pro/Cyberduck/Jenkins/Rundeck/ELK/aspera/

  • Ticket Site

    2016/01 ~ 2016/05

    An online ticket system at Rakuten.

    Environment: iMac/Python/Pyramid/MySQL/Redis/AWS/nagios/Chef/
    Fabric/Supervisor/SQL Alchemy/Alembic/JIRA/Confluence/Github/Vim/Tmux

  • 2015
  • DevOps on Google Cloud Platform with Docker

    2015/10 ~ 2015/11

    At a social game company, I designed a new system to deploy the application to Google Cloud Platform.
    I used Google Compute Engine/Google Cloud Storage/Google Container Engine/Google Cloud SQL, also Kubernetes.

    Environment: iMac/Ansible/Vagrant/Docker/Ruby on Rails/MySQL/Redis/Fluentd/Github/GCP

  • Portal Site about Point

    2015/04 ~ 2015/09

    A point exchange website.

    Environment: MacBook Pro/Ruby on Rails/MySQL/Redis/AWS/Google Big Query/Github/Travis CI

  • 2014
  • Social Game

    2014/05 ~ 2015/03

    Worked at a big game company in Japan - Bandai Namco Games.
    Developed backend API and management tools. There are many users using the social game. They were large scaled services. DAU was 200 thousands.

    Environment: Windows/Ruby on Rails/MySQL/Redis/AWS/Github/Redmine/JIRA

  • 2013
  • EC Site

    2013/10 ~ 2014/03

    The first time I worked at Rakuten in Japan.
    There are many good engineers at this big company. Most of them spoke English, so it was very international.
    I used Ruby/Shell/Node.js to developed batch program to calculate many kinds of famous social media data.

    Environment: Windows/Ubuntu/Vagrant/Ruby/Shell/Node.js/MySQL/SQLite

  • Book Site

    2013/01 ~ 2013/05

    Developed a online book management system at a famous Python company in Japan.

    Environment: iMac/Python/Django/MySQL/Mercurial/Redmine/Dropbox

    I also reviewed the high tech book which translated from Japanese to Chinese.
    It was about Python. You can check it here:

  • 2011
  • Social Media

    2011 ~ 2012

    Developed many kinds of social media applications using facebook and twitter API.

    Environment: Ubuntu/CentOS/PHP/Ruby on Rails/MySQL/Git/Vim

  • 2010
  • Worked at Hitachi group

    2010 ~ 2011

    Based my experience from my software history, worked at Hitachi group and as a team leader to manage the offshore project.

    Environment: Windows/Java/Oracle/PostgreSQL

  • 2005
  • My first international project

    2005 ~ 2006

    In the third year of my university, I joined the project team of Japan Hitachi, Ltd.
    After graduating my university, I came to Japan.

    Environment: Windows/C#/ASP.NET/Oracle


As I said above, I like technology. So I will try my best on this field. I know it is very important to master English, so I am work hard on it now.
I always pay attention to the American technologies. Actually, I am on a international way and want to do the things right to the end.

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    Qiang Skills

    I have used many kinds of technologies until now. Here I list what I like or want to pay attention to.

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    Qiang Apps

    I like to do the things better. I have built many useful web applications. How do you feel it?

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Sometimes, I go to take part in technology hackathon and meetup. There are many talented engineers.

If you have the same interests, or want to ask something to me, fill the form left and submit it. I am waiting for you.

I am on Rails.